What Should Your Child Do If They Witness Bullying?

Teach your child how to respond and deal with bullying when it happens to others.

her world What Should Your Child Do If They Witness Bullying

There’s plenty of discussion revolving around things you should do if your child is bullied — but what if your child is the one who comes across another child being bullied? Should they intervene? Should they report it to an adult? Should they keep mum about the whole issue? Here are some things you can encourage them to do:

1. Call or text an adult

It’s never alright to encourage fighting even with the right intentions in place. Instead, urge your kid to either get a teacher or call someone in authority to the scene — especially if there is no one else around the area. If there are bystanders, urge them to take the step below.

2. Encourage other people to speak up

Sometimes, bullies feed off the positive energy of bystanders who don’t intervene. Get the crowd to step in between the bully and his or her victim. There is strength in numbers and a simple “stop” will usually suffice. Plus, this is a good way to instill values in your child. Encourage him or her to never stand for anything that is unjust and wrong.

3. Teach your child how to spot cyberbullying

Remember that bullying is no longer limited to physical abuse. Educate them on the signs of cyberbullying. And tell them to report any cases they come across immediately, whether the victim is his or her friend. This will further drive home the fact that they should not stand for bullying at all. Remind them to save posts or take screenshots as evidence. Next, run them through the steps of reporting harassment, so that they’ll know how to do it on their own in the future.

4. Reach out to the victim

Bullies tend to target those who are alone. If your child knows of a particular kid who always gets picked on, encourage them to walk with that child to class or have lunch with them. It’s a good opportunity to encourage them to be more compassionate and empathetic.