10 Questions to Ask When Choosing Childcare Centres

Do you know the right questions to ask before sending your kid to a childcare centre?

The recent rise in deaths happening at childcare centres is alarming. Parents not only need guidance in selecting the best daycare or childcare centre, but they also need to ask the right questions before signing their kids up. You can also check on the licenses of childcare centres here.

childcare safety

Here are 10 key questions you should ask the childcare centre to ensure your child is safe at all times:

  1. Is your centre registered with the Department of Social Welfare? Is the registration up-to-date?
  2. Does your centre have written policies on emergency, health and confidentiality?
  3. What is the minimum qualification of your childcare providers? (Minimum qualification as madated by JKM:KAAK/KAP)
  4. What other training do your childcare providers have?
  5. How long have your childcare providers been working with you?
  6. What is your staff to children ratio? (Minimum required staff: child ratio if under 1-year-old — 1:3 / 1 to 3 years — 1:5 / 3 to 4 years — 1:10)
  7. What facilities does your centre offer? (Always ask to see and observe these facilities)
  8. Does your centre have a policy on disciplining children?
  9. How are children disciplined at your centre?
  10. Does your center provide meals? (If yes, ask to view menu and ensure it serves a balanced diet)

**For questions 1 and 2, do ask to see the relevant documents mentioned.

This information is taken from the Guide to Quality Childcare by the Early Childhood Care and Education Council Malaysia (ECCE Council)