Cool Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

DIY your kid's costumes with materials lying around the house

Need a Halloween costume at the last minute for your kid? Here are some cool ideas from the Internet, featuring costumes that are easy to put together with items you probably already have, yet don’t really come off as slap-dash.

1. Biker Baby

What you need: Paisley-print handkerchief, eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to draw in fake beard, baby-sized sunglasses, black t-shirt, blue jeans and a tricycle. Temporary tattoos optional.

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2. Marathon Runner

What you need: White top, sporty shorts, white socks, running sneakers, headband, paper, duct tape and marker pens.

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3. Rey from Star Wars

What you need: Sand coloured clothing: top, pants or shorts, one or two scarves, two belts, leather boots, ribbons or leather cuffs for the wrist, and an oversized pair of goggles. Baby dressed as BB8 optional.

Photo from: A Mighty Girl

4. Ninja Costume

What you need: Black pants, black long-sleeved t-shirt and another black tee for the headgear. Cardboard to be cut and painted silver for the ninja stars.

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5. Skeleton Costume

What you need: Black pants and black long-sleeved top, white masking tape or duct tape for the bones. Talcum powder for the face.

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6. Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo

What you need: Embroidered top, bright-coloured skirt, fake flowers, hair ribbons and eyebrow pencil to draw in that famous unibrow.

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