Are You Feeding Your Baby The Wrong Solids?

These solids on the list could pose as major choking hazards!

Once your baby hits the six-month mark, it’s often time to start them on solids. Becky Blair, a dietitian says, “Look for signs of readiness. Does your baby have good neck control? Can he sit up and lean forward to accept a spoon?” Just remember to steer clear of solids if they aren’t four months of age yet as there is a higher risk of choking. But before you are raring to go, check out some solids you shouldn’t be feeding your baby:

1. Citrus fruits

The acidity of these fruits may be too strong for your baby and can upset his or her stomach. To be on the safe side, introduce them to such fruits and even juices after their first year of age.

2. Baby carrots

They tend to be of the size where they can get stuck in your baby’s throats – posing as a major choking hazard. What you can do is boil a handful in water first, before mashing them up so that they are soft enough.

3. Popcorn

It may seem like a tasty and healthy snack (if you make your own unsalted and without preservatives) – but the centre of each piece is too firm for your baby and may cause choking. The universal rule here is to feed them this snack after the age of four.

4. Cheese

Those of the stick and stringy kind can get stuck in your baby’s throat!

5. Nut butters

The sticky consistency and potential chunks found in these solids can be a choking hazard. If you really must, you can thin it out with water or mix in apple sauce, before spreading it very, very thinly on a cracker or piece bread. Also, do observe and note if your child may be allergic to nuts.