6 Places To Bring Your Kids Who Love STEM

Or if your kid isn't already a science geek, this might encourage their interest in STEM

More and more each day, the world we live in continue to benefit from progress and advances in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – often referred to as STEM. STEM permeates every area of modern life and are present in almost very single thing we do. Thus, it’s crucial for kids to develop a love for STEM. Participating in STEM-based activities will not only help your kids with related subjects, but also teach them about creativity and creative thinking, problem solving and interaction.

To develop your child’s love for STEM, bring them to any, or all, of the centres below. They can learn about all the areas in a fun and interesting way, and might not even realise they’re learning.

Petrosains, Suria KLCC

Learning STEM at Petrosains

At Petrosains, kids can learn about the science, technology and engineering behind the energy industry. Interactive puzzles and games help explain scientific concepts and applications, while hands-on experiments help give better understanding. The activities feature subjects and topics that kids normally take interest in like animals, dinosaurs and F1 cars. There’s definitely plenty to keep them engaged here.

Click here for information on Petrosains’s opening hours and admission rates.

KidoCode, Solaris Mont Kiara

Get your kids from being addicted to games to coding games! It’s often said that coding – the process of building and designing a computer program, is the language of the future. At KidoCode, your children will acquire skills to develop apps, websites, games and even programs for gadgets to make your life easier. Who knows, the next app you download on your smartphone may be the one your child invented.

Find out more about KidoCode here.

Brickz4Kidz (Various locations)

Brickz4Kidz isn’t some playtime centre where you plonk your kid to play with LEGO blocks while you go shopping. Instead, they conduct classes where your child will learn about construction, engineering, design and inventing. All while playing with their favourite building bricks. The learning syllabus even includes facts and information about what your child creates, strengthening their grasp and understanding of the subject. The centres offers pre-school classes, after school programs, school holiday classes and even birthday party programs. Thus, your child can have fun with science at any time convenient for you.

Check out the nearest Brickz4Kids location to you here.

Roboticist, Bangsar Village II

Learn all about robotics, programming and engineering at Roboticist. Your child will learn about how to build robots, construct industrial mechanism, build electronics circuits and other components related to robotics. The centre also encourages and helps students enter competitions, allowing the kids to see practical application of their inventions. Since 2009, Roboticist has been training Malaysian teams competing at the VEX Robotics World Championshiops.

If you’re interested in enrolling your young ones, check out the details here.¬†

Science Bridge Academy, The School at Jaya One

If your kid isn’t usually interested in straight cut science, how about letting them take classes in forensics or food science? At Science Bridge Academy, programs are developed based on thematic learning, where kids can learn about science application and see how it is used in everyday life. This way, they’ll be more interested in learning STEM subjects after seeing how it relates to real life. While your child is enjoying the experiments, they’re also learning about physics, chemistry, biology and other scientific disciplines.

See more details about Science Bridge Academy here.

Kiddo Science (various locations)

From making slime to creating pinhole cameras, your kids will have a lot of fun learning science at Kiddo Science. The classes are very hands on and allow children to be familiar with lab equipment. This makes science less intimidating for them and opens up their desire to learn. Some lessons include the science behind an Emergency Response Team, including a paramedic, firefighter and forensics detective; lessons on energy using balloons and roller coaster models; and learning about animals using simulated figures.

Kiddo Science centres are available throughout Malaysia including in the Klang Valley, Seremban, Taiping, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Find one nearest to you here.