12 New Initiatives In Schools

Check out what Malaysian schools will be rolling out in the year 2019!

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik has released 12 new initiatives Malaysian schools will take on in the year 2019:

  1. Each school will have a Values Guidebook that will be read at every assembly.
  2. Civic education will be introduced — the study of the rights and duties of citizens alongside the inner workings of a government.
  3. KPM will amp up their efforts in building a more trusting relationship between teachers and parents.
  4. Instill a culture in which teachers are respected and looked up to to in their profession.
  5. Smartphones will be utilised for educational purposes.
  6. Children without citizenship may enroll in schools in 2019.
  7. A recess area for teachers will be created.
  8. Teachers will no longer have to deal with administrative work.
  9. There will no longer be compromises when it comes to investing in education.
  10. Ensure the education sector is more OKU-friendly.
  11. Focus on schools that are poor and in need of infrastructure repairs.
  12. Build up Speakers’ Corner in schools — a space where public speaking, debates, and discussions are encouraged.