Yuna Highlights Malaysia in New Music Video

The singer celebrates the beauty of Malaysia in Forevermore.

Yuna today released her latest single, Forevermore, and we’re blown away by the music video!

Over the past few weeks, the singer has been releasing teasers of the video to her fans from Malaysia and around the world. And in just a few hours, her music video has garnered over 29,000 views and over 500 comments. It’s the first time you’ll see Yuna dancing her heart out in perfectly choreographed sets!

In Forevermore, which means selama-lamanya in Malay, Yuna sings about embracing change and overcoming challenges to reach for greater success. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s definitely an empowering song.

On YouTube, the comments are mostly positive. Many are excited over how Yuna highlights our multi-racial Malaysian culture. The melody, and historic locations featured in the music video, truly capture the essence of Malaysia. It’s a showcase of our rich culture and heritage.

Some of the fans comments on her Youtube channel

If you’re a Yuna fan, there’s more in store. In an Instagram post, she shares that by subscribing to her e-mailing list, you’ll get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

The music video is directed by Adam Sinclair, Yuna’s husband. Yuna, who is currently in Malaysia, shot to international fame when she released her hit single Crush, featuring Usher, in the album Chapters three years ago.

The single made it to the Billboard R&B charts, and we’re rootingfor Yuna to chart even higher around the world with this new single.

A departure from her more R&B sound, in Forevermore, Yuna infuses electric-dance elements with traditional Malaysian music elements.

So, if you’ve not watched the music video, click play NOW!

Images credit : Yuna Instagram