Win RM73,000 For Your Innovative Idea!

The 2018 edition of the Kokuyo Design Award is now accepting submissions.

The Kokuyo Design Award has been held for the past 15 years, beginning in 2002. Last year alone, 1,326 entries came in from 53 participating countries.

The award is organised by Kokuyo, a Japanese company that has grown from its humble beginnings in Osaka in 1905. Now, it’s a household name when it comes to innovative and high-quality stationery and furniture design.

Got a great idea?

The 2018 edition of the Kokuyo Design Award is now accepting submissions. And this time round, the theme is ‘Beyond Boundaries’.

The panel of judges will be looking for bold ideas that overcome social or personal boundaries — borders between countries; culture; gender; age; and class. The goal is to connect people and strengthen relationships in a diverse society.

So, put your thinking hat on! Malaysian professional and amateur designers are welcome to send in their entries.

Judging criteria

  • Proposes new values
  • Suggests life scenes (addresses real-life situations)
  • Has the potential to become a product

One Grand Prix winner will get RM73,000 (2 million yen). Three Merit Award recipients will receive RM18,250 (500,000 yen) each.

Visit to register and submit your entries.

Deadline: August 31st, Friday, 11am (Malaysian time)

Past winners

Be inspired and get a better idea of what the Kokuyo Design Award is looking for! You can also view these designs — and purchase some of them at a discount — from CzipLee Malaysia until the end of this month.

Eatool (Grand Prix 2017)

By defining snacks as ingredients, and giving them a certain form and a special place, office snacks will start working as ‘tools’. You can feel at ease just popping it into your mouth during a meeting or you can stick it to the office wall and that may create a place for communication.

Word Block (Grand Prix 2015)

This flash card deck with a ring also functions as a band to hold the cards together in a neat block. Using a uniform colour throughout lets the user determine the purpose by section. It also doubles up as a compact notebook.

Wagomu (Merit Award 2013)

This rubber band is decorated with a mizuhiki (ribbon bow), which is used for congratulatory occasions. Wrap it around gifts to convey your heartfelt appreciation and well-wishes.

Kadokeshi (Fine Work 2002)

Unlike ordinary erasers that quickly lose their edges, new corners will keep appearing with this design. You’ll be able to erase detailed parts comfortably all the time.