What’s New At Malaysia’s Biggest, 24HR Bookshop

BookXcess Tamarind Square is more lively than ever these days

Remember when BookXcess first opened at Tamarind Square? If you’ve not been since then, you may have missed some new developments.

A local artist was invited to ‘camp out’ at BookXcess and adorn one of the sections

The Cafe

It’s now up and running, so you can sip on coffee or tea — and perhaps get something to eat — while enjoying your new read.

Be still my bookish, geeky heart ♥

Seats are comfy and cosy. So, it’s perfect for catching your breath after hunting for gems on the many, many bookshelves.

Children’s Activities

True to its goal of becoming a community hub, there’s usually a free workshop, craft session or story time to keep kids busy during weekends. These look so fun, we hope BookXcess will start organising some for adults!

Follow (but more like stalk) their FB page to sign up your little ones for a spot. These fill up fast!

Yasmin Ahmad Corner

The last time we were at BookXcess, this ‘fishbowl’ section was empty. Still, we were excited to learn it’d be turned into a Yasmin Ahmad ‘newseum’, with some exhibits already in storage awaiting curation.

Better seen in person

Now, work is still under way but there is more to see when you peer in through the glass walls. Yu Jeen Chua, BookXcess’s chief product officer, says they hope to open this section to the public soon. Stay tuned!

Bookish Contests And Events

The lucky mother-daughter pair

Not too long back, we shared with you this exciting contest by BookXcess and Airbnb. Shila and her daughter Alyssa were the lucky pair (Shila’s favourite book to travel with is The Little Prince) that got to spend the night at the bookshop. We were invited to take part in some of the fun – and learn what it takes to run a bookstore, from keeping stock to manning the cashier.

How (and where) the books get wrapped… this process is rather therapeutic to watch

Shila and Alyssa got a taste of what it’s like to work at BookXcess

Later in the evening, bibliophiles with wanderlust were also invited to join a discussion on travel books.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for more book-themed experiences in the future!