Weird Things Couples Do

We ask happily married couples if they share any bizarre rituals that bring them closer together. The answers are little expressions of...

We ask happily married couples if they share any bizarre rituals that bring them closer together. The answers are little expressions of love in the strangest of ways.


“I am a huge fan of peanut butter but our son has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts. Because of that, we had to remove all traces of peanuts from our home and never dared to eat peanuts in case we bring traces home and cause a bad reaction. Last year, on my birthday, I was having a huge peanut butter craving and happened to be super-stressed out at work. I came home to find my husband had laid out a disposable poncho, plastic gloves, plastic wrap, travel toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash, and a ton of peanut butter products! I could go outside and eat all the peanut butter I wanted, clean up, throw everything away, and not worry about exposing our son. It probably sounds ridiculous but was one of the most romantic things he has ever done. Now we have extra ‘kits’ for those occasions and set up peanut butter stations for each other when we are feeling stressed.”

– Emily Tan, 42, nurse, married for 14 years


“We both work but have different time schedules, so there isn’t much time to talk together in the mornings. We also think phone calls or text messages are not romantic. Instead, we leave post-it notes with messages in (maybe strange) places the other will find them. Just the other day, I left a message on the underside of the toilet seat telling my husband I loved him even if he forgets to put the toilet seat back down, which he did after that. We take our notes with us to work so we have a reminder of each other all day even when we are apart. It’s a nice way to send our love to each other, give each other a surprise and put a smile on our faces to start the day!”

– Su Linn Yong, 34, designer, married for five years

“My husband is a terribly heavy sleeper. I think even an earthquake can’t get him out of bed! There were many times he couldn’t wake up for important appointments or to spend the weekend with me. Since he is extremely ticklish, I get permission the night before to tickle him until he wakes up. Usually it ends up with him rolling off the bed and onto the floor but it does the trick. Now that our kids have grown older, they’ve joined in as well and we all roll around in a pile laughing ourselves silly. It’s one of our favourite moments together as a couple and now, a family.”

– Deena Roberts, 35, homemaker, married for 10 years

“We have a nightly ritual we like to call ‘shoulder time’. Every night, I lie in the crook of my husband’s shoulder and catch up on the events of the day. It sounds pretty clichéd but those minutes together are something we both look forward to every day. It’s our safe place, and a time when all our troubles seem solvable.”

– Suraya Hanim, 39, boutique owner, married for four years

“We used to argue a lot during our first few years of marriage. It got to a point where we started seeing a counsellor to save our marriage. She told us we needed to understand each other more by imagining what it would be like in each other’s shoes. We took her advice literally and held ‘swap days’. On those days, we took turns to do each other’s chores for the day or week, and got to experience what the other had to go through. I’ve had to juggle our monthly family spending, get the cars fixed and even attempt to install a TV unit. He’s had to settle the weekly groceries, plan and prepare meals for the family and do the laundry. We started to realise we were taking each other for granted and slowly things got better. We still have ‘swap days’ but instead of making the other go through it alone, we do them together.”

– Cindy Wong, 45, event planner, married for eight years

Photo credit: Glamour