The Weekly Tries The Dyson Cyclone V10

If spick-and-span is what you seek, give the Dyson V10 a try
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There has been a lot of hype among the chronic neat-freaks about the newest Dyson addition, the Dyson Cyclone V10, so when we finally got our hands on a test unit for the weekend, we had a field day “Spring” cleaning! Here’s our honest opinion about it:

1. It really deep cleans your entire home

From your dressing table to the corners of your ceilings to even your sofas. With one swipe, the dust is gone. This is the main feature that we love so much about it and to prove a point, we even tried vacuuming our mattress and pillows to see if the Dyson V10 would be able to suck up all the dust that’s been accumulating in there.

If you focus on the highlighted area, you could see the amount of dust that the V10 has sucked up from vacuuming only one side of the mattress. This came as a surprise to us because we did not think that there would be that much dust accumulated. Needless to say, you would find us vacuuming our mattresses and pillows on a weekly basis!

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