Tried & Tested: The Dyson Supersonic

Find out if it's really all that it's said to be

After hearing many raves on the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, writer Sa’idah caved in and decides to put it to test.

“Upon unboxing, it was clear that this hair dryer was going to be a different experience altogether. Everything was placed neatly, from the three magnetic nozzles (smoothing, diffuser and styling concentrator), to the dryer, even the cords were tucked perfectly!

Small and balanced

At 618g, the dryer is quite lightweight considering that the motor is positioned right in the handle as opposed to in the head like most hair dryers. According to Dyson, by placing the motor in the handle, it helps in creating a more balanced dryer.

Fun fact: It took over 15 motor engineers to design this motor which has been said to be Dyson’s smallest and lightest motor yet!

A quieter experience

Of course at the end of the day, it is still a hair dryer which means you can definitely still hear the air blowing out however, it produces a soft whooshing sound that is considerably quieter than conventional dryers.

Tangled no more

Nozzles and aesthetics aside, this is hands down my favourite part about the Supersonic – by having the filter moved from the head to the handle, it ensured that my hair doesn’t get stuck in the filter like it usually do. I’ve encountered many experiences like this but the worst one involved my dad cutting off a piece of my hair, so you could imagine how overjoyed I was when this feature came in.

The best of both worlds

The dryer comes with four heat settings, three airflow settings and a cold shot. If I’m in a rush, I would crank up the heat to the highest and blow dry for a full 2 to 3 minutes, lower the heat and then finish it off with a shot of cold air.

Frizz no-more

Picture credits: The Beauty Inbox

Aside from the smoothing and straightening nozzle, one attachment that stands out is the Dyson diffuser. This is great for those with curly hairs as it disperses air evenly around each curl and stimulates natural drying which in turn reduces frizz.

Takes half the time to dry your hair

Due to my naturally thick mane, I’ve given up blow drying my hair aeons ago because it would take an average of 20  minutes or more to have it dried and I simply don’t have the patience for it.

Now, however, within 5 to 8 minutes on moderately high heat, my hair is 60 to 70% dry due to amplified volume of air drawn into the motor.

This honestly changes my hair routine altogether. Previously, I would only have it shampoo-ed at night before I sleep and let it air dry, but now, I could opt to have it washed in the morning before going to work and not worry about having musky, damp hair especially since I use a scarf.

Overall, the Dyson Supersonic is by far one of the best hair dryers I’ve tried but it also comes at a hefty price (RM1,799 to be precise), but if achieving shiny healthy hair while being able to sleep in a little more is everything you’ve dreamed off, then Dyson Supersonic will take you two steps closer.