The Theory Behind Modern-day Infidelity   

Find out how modern day cheating happens in a marriage.
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Is this cheating?

Scenario #1: Exchanging flirty text messages

The digital age has changed the way people interact with one another and how one would define infidelity. The lines are blurred and there’s no clear-cut sign as to whether you’re actually cheating or just having a friendly chat with another person, since there’s no physical sex involved. It’s hard to know when you’re growing closer to someone of the opposite sex through texting because it just seems like you’re having a conversation – and that’s why it can be really seductive in some ways.

If one feels the need to keep the messages a secret from one’s partner, then it’s a sign that the line may have been crossed. Another tell-tale sign is when a casual conversation becomes loaded with sexual overtones, suggestive photos or anything that feels like foreplay. Above all, if exchanging text messages with another person is meeting one’s emotional needs, then it has gone beyond the boundaries of casual conversation. A definite red flag is when one is more comfortable sharing intimate sentiments with a texting partner that his or her spouse.

Scenario #2: Watching pornography

A study in Social, Psychological and Personality Science found that watching porn may increase one’s urge to fool around. Researchers found that the more men looked at pornographic content, the more likely he was to stray from his partner because porn offers men access to no-strings-attached sex, often with highly attractive partners.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology reported that people who watch porn regularly are less satisfied with their partner’s appearance and sexual behaviour. It was even found that women whose committed partners watched porn had less sex and their partner was “more dominating and less attentive”. Talk to your partner if one of you seems to find porn more interesting than real-life sex, and explore ways to put the spark back into your relationship.

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