The Return of Iman Corinne And What She’s Up To

As an actor as well as producer these days, this is one leading lady with a vision and a mission.

In 2001, Malaysian actress Iman Corinne Adrienne made waves as the beautiful Chantal in Spinning Gasing, a movie about a group of multi-racial young adults trying to make it in the entertainment industry. After that, Corrine had made the move to Singapore in search of more international opportunities before realising that she could contribute more by working in the industry back home in Malaysia. Appearing in the Red Kebaya in 2006, Puaka Tebing Biru in 2007 and Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang in 2008, and seemingly taking a break for a few years before appearing in 2014 movie Cuak, Corinne is now back in Viu Originals, Salon (2018) and Devoted, due to premiere end of this month and on which Corinne also serves as Executive Producer.

In Devoted, Corinne plays Eva, a workaholic mother searching for her missing family. The character as well as storyline has been touted to serve some serious female empowerment inspiration, which Corinne made sure happened with her responsibility as Executive Producer. Speaking about her role behind the camera, Corinne hopes to provide more options in storytelling for the audience, which goes hand-in-hand with the direction Viu, an the Over-The-Top (OTT) platform, also known as a streaming broadcaster, is taking in Malaysia and the Asian region. Corinne also hopes that she can “aid in the creation of Malaysian projects that are of universal value.”

Here she shares with us a little bit about what she’s been up to and her upcoming projects and roles, illustrating what a powerhouse this relatively private lady can be in the Malaysian entertainment industry.

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Why did you make the move to Singapore to make your name in the entertainment industry, and why did you decide to come back to Malaysia instead of giving it a try in the United States like your former colleagues?

Iman Corinne Adrienne Devoted Viu Malaysia

While her Singaporean colleagues tried their luck in the USA, Corinne decided to come back to Malaysia to contribute to the local entertainment industry, and we say its our gain.

If I remember clearly, when I was living in Singapore, the “golden dream” for many amongst my peers were to hit it big in Hollywood or anywhere outside of Asia. I, too, had that dream, especially considering how advanced the west is in terms of the opportunities. However, I was also careful and aware that it would be a huge leap and risk. Some of my peers who were very talented actors and had tried their time in the west, had a tough time getting work. I took the practical approach and asked myself, am ready for this? Who am I to think that I could stand out amongst hundreds of actors trying to get work over there? I must be Meryl Streep if I was going to be that lucky!

Knowing that actors from the west were seeking for opportunities in this region had also in a way, influenced my thinking. How many roles that were of Asian descent going to be available outside of Asia? Mind you, I had a tough time here, too, when it came to getting the “pure race” type of roles.

After hearing stories from some of my friends about starting out in Hollywood or the ones who wanted to break in, what really got me thinking was that I wasn’t interested in being stereotyped and definitely not as an Asian character.

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