The Prettiest World Cup 2018 Venues To Visit

While the FIFA World Cup 2018 is happening in Russia, discover the prettiest spots to visit at the tournament's venues

If you’re planning a trip to Russia soon, do include these attractions that are in or near the World Cup 2018 venues to visit. There are undoubtedly plenty to see and do in this country steeped in culture and history.

The Church Of Our Saviour On The Spilled Blood Museum, St Petersburg

Photo by Dan Kim/

Built from 1883 until 1907, construction was started by Emperor Alexander III as a memorial to his father. It was at this exact spot that Alexander II was assassinated by Narodnaya Volya terrorists. The museum‘s whimsical architecture resembles the more famous St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, and makes a great background for a family photo.

Winter Palace, St Petersburg

Photo by Nick Bogdanov/

The Winter Palace was the official residence of the Russian monarchs from 1732 until 1917. Now, it is part of the Hermitage Museum, the second largest museum in the wold. Tour the chambers of the former royal residents of the palace, while also checking out the extensive European art exhibitions throughout the museum.

St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Photo by Yaroslav Ushakov/

This church has been standing for more than 460 years and is one of the most iconic images of Russia. Now a museum, it was ordered to be build by Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the conquer of Kazan and Astrakan. If nowhere else, this is the one place in Russia where you must take a selfie.

Kitay-Gorod, Moscow

Photo by Lubov Tandit/

A beautiful area in Moscow, the name means “Chinatown” in modern Russian. However, it is not directly related to China or the Chinese people. One theory is that the city’s Italian architect called it “citta”, meaning “city” in Italian.  Meanwhile, “Gorod” also means “city” in ancient Russian. One of the landmarks here is the Resurrection Gates, also known as the Iberian or Iverskiye Gates. Its fairy-tale charm is indicative of many of the buildings in Kitay-Gorod.

Arboretum, Sochi

Photo by Yufereff/Wikipedia

Actually, the entire town of Sochi is a great place to spend a few days in. It’s a laid-back coastal resort town on the Black Sea where you can take a breather after traipsing busier cities like Moscow and St Petersburg. Other than the seaside, you might also enjoy the Arboretum, hosting more than 1500 species of trees and shrubs. Take the cable car up for a relaxing overview, while you can take the easier walk down.

Sochi by the Black Sea.
Photo by Inessa Tokmina/Pixabay

Showcasing a side of Russia not often seen, Sochi is set to be a must-visit spot among the many World Cup 2018 venues to visit.

The Sevastyanov House, Yekaterinburg

Local merchant Nikolay Sevastyanov commissioned this pretty building and then sold it to the local government in 1880. Housing various labor unions in the past, it has been made a residence for Russia’s presidents since 2009.

Ganina Yama, Yekaterinburg

Photo by the Monastery of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers

Though this chapel looks quirky and whimsical, it was actually built to commemorate the tragic deaths of the Romanov family. It is believed that after they were shot at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, their bodies were secretly buried here by the Bolsheviks. There are seven chapels around the area, one for each member of the royal family. Get to know more of the story, as the local tourist office provides plenty of information around the sites about the murders.

Part of the Urals near the Serga River.
Photo by Tuomo Tormulainen/

There are, of course, other attractions at these World Cup 2018 venues to visit, other than these pretty sights. Beautiful architecture and historical sites abound in the cities. The Tesla Museum in Sochi also attracts considerable attention. Also, taking the Trans-Siberian Railway to get to Yekaterinburg will provide you with beautiful sights and scenery throughout the trip.