First Lady and Queen of Malaysia helps childless couples through her cookbooks
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A Gift From Pahang

The cookbooks Air Tangan Tengku Puan Pahang – Masakan Tradisional Pahang and Air Tangan Tengku Puan Pahang – Manisan Tradisional Pahang are truly a gift from Pahang for the future generations of Malaysia.

Says Tunku Azizah, the books and recipes are a gift from Pahang, as their food are very different from the rest of Malaysia, and very authentic to them. “The most authentic Pahang recipes would be from Temerloh, Jerantut and Maran,” said Tunku Azizah. “However, surprisingly, one lady shared a recipe for botok-botok, which is widely known as a Johorean or Javanese dish, but the lady claims that it is her recipe. Nonetheless, it is included in the book because it tastes better than the Johor botok-botok,” said Tunku.

One of her favourites is the Ayam Masak Rendau from the Orang Asli, and the Ayam Goreng Petai.

The Pahang Royal Rice, a Malaysian favourite. Photo from

Meanwhile, Tunku Azizah also plans to write a Healthy Malaysian Food cookbook as well as of her own recipes from the palaces and the states of Pahang, Johor, and Kelantan, where her step-mother, Tunku Puan Zanariah binti Almarhum Tengku Ahmad, is from.

“I want to be a champion of Malay food cooking,” says Her Majesty Tunku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, the Queen of Malaysia.

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