I Went Bald On Thaipusam Because Of My Child

The mother who sacrificed her crowning glory for her son, and what Thaipusam sacrifices mean to devotees

thaipusam sacrifice

Men always question why we ladies spend so much dime and time at hair salons. It’s difficult for them to understand because unlike them, hair is our crowning glory. Having good hair greatly boosts our self-confidence and it can be evidently seen throughout history. Otherwise, why would Marie Antoinette wear her hair up so high? It’s for the audience to see of course!

The hair carries the symbolic meaning of femininity and beauty. That’s why women can sit through long hours to do all the cutting, bleaching, perming of the hair, anything really to get those thick luscious locks. It’s the norm and all women are conforming to it except maybe this one. In conjunction with Thaipusam, we go behind the symbolisms of Thaipusam prayers and offerings, including the story of the mother who went bald for her child. 

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The Mother Who Went Bald… Voluntarily

Geetha, who is a senior graphic designer, with celebrity chef Curtis Stone during the course of her work. This photo was taken a few moths after she went bald.

One particular mother, Geetha Muniandy, ignored the stereotypes and decided to go bald. She didn’t do it because she was fed-up with her hair. There was a more significant reason behind all that. She did it out of love for her young child.

Although it happened about a decade ago, Geetha can still vividly remember how worried she was when her son’s development was a bit behind compared to his peers. She hoped everything would be well for his son and decided to ask God for his blessings.

That was when she decided to show God her sincerity as a devotee by going bald. Her husband was at first taken aback by this but later gave her support by also going bald with her.

“I didn’t feel ashamed, I just wanted to pray for the wellbeing of my child,” Geetha said. When asked about how her child reacted, she explained that her child just giggled and didn’t mind the change. Mostly because she is his mother and a child wouldn’t mind how the mother looks like. If you ask me what love is? That is real love right there.

Geetha’s Sacrifice

On Thaipusam eve, Geetha arrived at the riverside of Batu Caves and had her hair removed. After that, prayers were given and water from the river was sprinkled onto her head. She would then go up to the main temple with her husband and the ceremony would be concluded with another round of prayers.

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