A Luxury Spa Experience At The Dentist’s

A visit to the dentist can be pleasant when it's paired with a spa treatment

For some reason, many people are afraid of going to the dentist. They’d rather deny themselves basic dental care than to sit in the dentist’s chair. However, premium dental clinic Smile Express Dental Spa want to make it a more pleasant experience for patients, at least for non-operation procedures. Hence, their new concept for teeth whitening treatment in Malaysia: a spa experience while getting your teeth whitened.

teeth whitening treatment in malaysia

The Smile Express Dental Spa has partnered with Philips Zoom to offer a new spa experience during teeth whitening at their clinic

Experience Spa Service While Getting Teeth Whitening Treatment In Malaysia

The Smile Express Dental Spa, located in Kuala Lumpur’s Jalan Bukit Bintang, is well-known as Malaysia’s first dental spa. Partnering with Philips Malaysia, the dental clinic now offers the Philips Zoom! Whitening teeth whitening treatment that incorporates a spa experience. This end-to-end experience even starts with a pick up at the patient’s house or office, to later be sent to their next venue of appointment after the treatment. Without having to drive in the notorious traffic or look for that elusive parking space, this is truly a stress-free experience!

teeth whitening treatment in Malaysia

The reception area at the Smile Express Dental Spa

The Spa Experience

So, what happens when you get a spa experience incorporated into a teeth whitening treatment in Malaysia? Well, after pick up, the patient receives a welcome drink en route to the clinic. Once there, the patient undergoes dental consultation and scaling, which are both requirements prior to whitening.

Once in the dentist’s chair, the whitening treatment begins. As the patient lies waiting for the whitening gel to take effect, they receive a foot massage from a trained therapist. The patient can also choose to get some shut eye, or watch a movie on the television set suspended from the ceiling.

After the treatment, the patient will be chauffeured to their next destination be it back home, an appointment, or a special date!

The Smile Express pick up and delivery service

The Philips Zoom! Whitening Treatment

The actual whitening treatment entails application of a whitening gel to the teeth and LED lights focused on them to activate the gel. The cycle takes 15 minutes, and is repeated 3 times, so you can get teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes.

philips zoom teeth whitening treatment in Malaysia

Pricing and Availability

Smile Express Dental Spa offers Philips Zoom! Whitening teeth whitening with a complete luxurious package at the price of RM2,750. Other general and specialty dentistry services are also offered. For more information about Smile Express Dental Spa and its services, connect with them on their Facebook page or visit their website here.