“My husband’s mistress harassed me on social media”

After ruining their relationship, the other woman then tried to ruin her reputation.
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Don* and I were perfect for each other. For the first six years of our relationship, we never fought or had any big arguments. We even shared the same interests and vision in life. I thought I was the luckiest lady in the world, until he walked out on our marriage for a girl who’s 16 years younger than him.

Boy meets girl

I first met Don in 2007. He was throwing a lavish 30th birthday party and my friend Amy* asked me to tag along for a night of fun. It turned out to be a small, intimate party at a restaurant. I didn’t know many people there, so I stuck close to Amy until she introduced me to Don.

“Is this my birthday present?” Don asked Amy, pointing his finger at me. I was stunned by his words and it took me a moment to process what exactly he meant. That was the exact moment where Don charmed me off my feet. We spent the whole night flirting with each other. He’s the classic Prince Charming every woman dreams of – tall, dark, handsome, chivalrous and not to mention, a very family-oriented person (or so I thought).

The party eventually ended at two in the morning. Amy asked if I needed a ride home, but he offered to drive me back instead since we lived only 10 minutes away. When I reached home, I received a text message from him saying, “Thank you for coming tonight. You’re the best present I’ve ever received.” I went to bed with a smile that night.

My perfect relationship

Don and I spent the next couple of months going out on dates just to know each other better. Three months later, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. Don was the epitome of a perfect boyfriend and friends and family were envious of our relationship, often taking us as an example of what a perfect relationship should be. We gave each other freedom and personal space, as we hardly saw the need to check in on one another.

Six years later, he finally popped the big question. I was overjoyed and said yes immediately. Our families and friends were very supportive of our decision to tie the knot, and lots of ideas for the wedding were thrown around. But in the end, both Don and I agreed that we wanted a simple ceremony with only our immediate families and close friends to witness the occasion. The next few months went by like a breeze and the next thing I knew, I was wearing a beautiful white wedding gown at the altar, ready to put on my wedding ring and step into the next chapter in life. At that moment, I truly felt extremely lucky.

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