“I’m a sugar baby looking for my next sugar daddy”

One woman sheds light on the life of a sugar baby – and why she claims it’s not as sordid as we think it is.
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“Before I got involved with my first sugar daddy, I’d heard of such a lifestyle through gossip and tabloids. In our world today, any time an older man is seen dating a younger woman, word spreads quicker than wildfire. It hadn’t been my intention at first to seek out such a lifestyle – it just happened quite organically.

I was still in university when I first met him. I was working part-time and he was a friend of the managing director. As our interactions grew more frequent and deep, I thought he was just being extra nice by looking out for me. He was older, but I didn’t give it much thought as we were both consenting adults. I wasn’t even aware I had put myself in the position of being a sugar baby until a friend pointed it out as a joke – prompting me to bring up the topic with him. When realisation dawned upon me, things became a little awkward and uneasy at first. After all, I come from a traditional family where everyone believes in the conventional and ‘proper’ relationship between a man and a woman. I did question if I could continue accepting monetary help from him or if I should just bring everything to a halt. Still, I couldn’t help but admit that it was wonderful, seeing as I was financially strapped as a student and struggled to make ends meet every month.

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