Sangeeta Gets Personal About Her Experience at the 14th General Election

Why this Best Actress winner will never forget this year's general election.
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Sangeeta Krishnasamy, who took home the Best Actress award for the film Adiwiraku at the 29th Malaysian Film Festival last year, is currently making waves once again for her lead role in the Tamil movie Vedigundu Pasangge. She also stars in the much-talked-about Rise: Ini Kalilah, a film inspired by the events of the 14th Malaysia General Election (GE14). We spoke to Sangeeta about her hopes and vision for this new Malaysia.

Her Hopes For Malaysia Baru

Could you share your personal experience during the GE voting day?

“GE14 will forever be gloriously etched in my mind. It was, I would say, perhaps one of the most emotional days for me. I sat in front of the TV flipping through every live news feed and didn’t get sleep for two days, and when it all came to, I cried as I realised how much I love my country and how united we all are. Malaysia to me is the epitome of peace and a fine example to the world, as anyone would have witnessed on May 9th.”

What is your hope for Malaysia Baru?

“My hope would be more inclusiveness. I wish all races that live together and give Malaysia its distinct identity start going to school together. Also, more systems or environments implemented to make them work together instead of being segregated in certain places. I also hope for more enforcement against child abuse and animal protection. And, to encourage a reading culture among many other things ! :)”

How do you see Malaysian women making a difference in today’s society?

“Women have always played a huge role in building societies. Today, they’re more bold and stand up for their rights. I feel blessed to be born in a country where women are generally not discriminated or oppressed. Having our first female Deputy Prime Minister is a huge achievement. Now, we have the maternal balance. Women in Malaysia also play a huge role as teachers who shape young minds.”

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