Rediscover Your Own Backyard with Airbnb

#LiveandLepakwithAirbnb and experience Malaysiana in a unique way
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Last week on November 27 2018, our team had many firsts thanks to the Airbnb team. The Airbnb team hosted a fun yet truly enriching event for the media. Activities included learning the traditional Zapin dance, Batik painting, Sepak Bulu Ayam as well as finding out about the rich history of the Kampung Baru area from the Airbnb Experience hosts.

The main purpose of the event was to introduce Airbnb’s activities feature, the Airbnb Experiences, that has just recently launched in Malaysia early in the year. The Airbnb Experiences creates a platform to connect locals (as well as travellers) through common interests and helps them rediscover their own backyard.  The new feature currently has over 120 Airbnb Experiences, which includes some of the below:

1. Magical Kampung Baru

Photo by: Airbnb

Fuad is a Kampung Baru native who will give insights into the history of this “village” that lies on the doorstep of KLCC and the Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle. Photo by: Airbnb

The host of Magical Kampung Baru, Fuad says he gets to help travellers explore authentically and immerse themselves in the local area and culture. He also adds that you will only find out the story of a place when you know a local and that’s where he comes in. Fuad charges RM96 for each session.

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