Real Women Voices Interview Series with Lisa Surihani

These four women share their hearts out with Lisa Surihani.

With this Real Women Voices series, we wanted to share with you the stories remarkable women! We had the privilege of having Lisa Surihani host the show with four remarkable women. They have gone through the hardships in life, pick their feet back up and are still fighting towards a better future.


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First up on our Real Women Series interview is Sheznie Merican, founder and CEO of Check It Out Worldwide. A mobile app that is dedicated to building smarter home products and services for future lifestyles.

Watch a short intro to Sheznie Merican:

She has over 20 years of experience in Technology Development, Retail Management, Branding Strategy, Strategic Communications, Marketing & Advertising and has headed brand & marketing departments in Fortune 500 companies such as PETRONAS, YTL and Habib Jewels.

Find out a little bit about her journey here:

Look out for her book ‘My Ticking Heart – a guide to living with a real ticking biological clock’! The book is an autobiography about her experience undergoing and surviving an open heart surgery which required a metal valve to be inserted in her heart which makes her heartbeat sound like a clock (just like what you hear in the background during her interview).

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