6 Places To Visit In Croatia

There is more to Croatia than football and Game of Thrones. See what they are here.

Croatia is in the limelight again as its football team makes history at the FIFA World Cup 2018. After defeating England, the team will soon be facing France in the finals – the first time Croatia has gone this far. Win or lose, they are already triumphant. Following their success, here are highlights on the most beautiful and interesting places to visit in Croatia, should you want to visit there one day.


places to visit in croatia

Medvedgrad Castle near Zagreb. Photo by Claud Spring/Pixabay.com

The capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is also its largest city. Often on the list of top places to visit in Croatia, there are many interesting attractions here. This includes St Mark’s Square, which includes the banski dvori (the centre of government), St Mark’s Church and the Croatian parliament building. The Republic of Croatia Square also has various interesting buildings around it, including the Croatian National Theatre, the Croatian School Museum and the Zagreb Academy of Music.


places to visit in croatia

Dubrovnik Old City. Photo by Ivan Ivankovic/Pixabay.com

Highly popular for being the set of the popular Game of Thrones television series, there are many locations to visit whether you are a fan or not. The city itself is rife with shoot locations. You’ll want to visit the Fort Bokar and the Dubrovnik City Walls, Fort Lovrijenac and the Old Harbour, which is more glamorous than it sounds.

Lokrum Island

places to visit in croatia

View of Lokrum Island. Photo by Marin Vugdelija/freeimages.com

Another shoot location for Game of Thrones, Lokrum Island is still a joy to explore even if it wasn’t one. A 15-minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik, many local tourists make day trips here to spend their weekends and holidays. If you’re on the hunt for GoT locations, the old Benedictine monastery is a good bet. Other than that, you can also swim in the Croatian version of the Dead Sea, where you’ll find yourself more buoyant thanks to the heavier salt content. You can also take a stroll through its botanical gardens and dive around wreckage if you have a license.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

places to visit in croatia

Plitvice Lake. Photo from Pixabay.com.

Who knew that Croatia actually has a beautiful lake complex with mesmerising emerald green waters amidst an equally verdant backdrop? Plitvice Lakes National Park is home to 16 terraced lakes that are joined by waterfalls – chains of clear water falling from one lake to another. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and definitely worth a visit. In fact, it may actually be the decider for people wondering if they should visit Croatia (hint: yes!).


places to visit in croatia

A restaurant right amongst ruins in Split, Croatia. Photo by Michelle Maria/Pixabay.

Roman influence remains strong in Split, as can be seen in the well-preserved architecture. An impressive mountain range acts as its backdrop, adding to the beauty and charm to this city. Go to Split for the old world-Europe experience.


places to visit in croatia

Labin Old Town, Istria. Photo by Moritz Bechert/Pixabay.com.

Istria is unique because it is owned by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Beautiful old buildings abound, including the centuries-old amphitheatre, the Pula Arena. Constructed between 27 BC until 68 AD(!) it is one of six largest surviving Roman arenas in the whole world. Considering how literally ancient it is, it is a wonder that it can still host concerts up to this very day.

Feast your eyes on these photos of places to visit in Croatia and start planning your itinerary.

St Mark’s Square, Zagreb.

Photo by Arvid Olson/Pixabay.com

Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb National Theatre

Dubrovnik Cathedral

Dubrovnik Old Harbour.

Photo by Richard McCall/Pixabay.com

Aerial view of Lokrum Island

Fort Royal on Lokram Island

Plitvice Lakes

Panorama of Split in Croatia.

Photo by Michelle Maria/Pixabay.

Split Old Town.

Photo by Lemgo/Pixabay.com.

Istria Town Hall

Photo by Jurgen/Pixabay.com.

Pula Arena in Istria.

Photo by Mike Zwei/Pixabay.