Making A Long Drive More Enjoyable

Your survival guide to making the drive back to the hometown more bearable.

There are moments when you want to slam your forehead onto the steering wheels the longer you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Especially when your destination is hours away and the bad traffic only stretches the drive longer. However, don’t lose hope yet! There’s always a way to make something dreadful more bearable. Here are a few tips to have some fun for those long drives!

We say Yay! to road trips with these survival tips! Photo from Shutterstock.

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1. Prepare food to munch on in the car

Wraps and sandwiches are ideal for the road as these can be held with one hand. Photo from Pixabay.

It is essential to have something to eat when you get hungry in the car in between meal-times. Prepare bite-sized snacks such as nuts or easy-to-eat sandwiches for meals to avoid messes. If you want a healthier choice for your family, bring fruits in containers instead. This is a healthier and cheaper meal than the overpriced food they sell at the R&Rs.


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