5 Things To Know Before Seeing The Mechanic

Take charge of your own vehicle by knowing what's what!
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Are you afraid of going to the mechanic alone, because of the little knowledge you have about your car?  We speak to Ellissa Yeo, automotive aftermarket executive at Robert Bosch, about what we need to know before bringing our car in to a mechanic.

List of car terms we should know

  • VIN: Vehicle identification number that is 17-characters-long. You can find it in these places:-
    > Dashboard at the front of driver’s or passenger’s seat
    > Driver’s or passenger’s side centre pillar
    > Under the hood
  • Wet-cell battery: An original type of rechargeable battery containing liquid electrolyte. It’s necessary to replenish the battery with this liquid from time to time.
  • Dry-cell battery: This doesn’t contain any liquid and it’s similar to your usual double-A batteries. It’s maintenance-free.
  • Drain plug gasket: Should be replaced with every oil change interval to prevent oil leaks.
  • Silicone and rubber wipers: Wipers material of the wipers
  • ABS: Anti-lock braking system. Prevents wheels from locking up during emergency braking
  • ESP: Electronic stability programme. Prevents vehicle from skidding
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