The Swedish Fitness Trend You Need To Know About!

Plogging is about getting fit while cleaning up the planet, one thrash bag at a time.

Think Sweden and what usually comes to mind is a certain furniture brand and meatballs.

But another Swedish trend is now catching on in Malaysia. And, the best part is it’ll make you feel good about yourself! Not just because you’ll work off those meatballs, but also because you’ll be giving back to the community.

Formed by combining the words ‘picking litter’ and ‘jogging’, plogging originated in Sweden in 2016. It has its roots in the fact that many joggers are eco-conscious and actively pick up litter along their route. So if you’re looking for a new way to exercise and clean up the planet at the same time, this activity may be for you.

Plogging in Pink

If you’re around the Klang Valley, you can start by joining Plogging in Pink, a 4km community run on 15th December. Beginning at 5pm, it’ll be held as part of a community event along Jalan 17/38, Petaling Jaya.

Pink was chosen as it represents health, as we usually say “in the pink of health”! In the words of the organisinng committee, “It’s also a catchy colour and the team hopes to attract more attention from residents of the neighbourhood.”

The fastest plogger will win RM100, while the one who collects the most litter will also win RM100.

To sign up, visit this website.