How To Live With Multiple Sclerosis

What to do if you or your loved one has been diagnosed with MS.

Dr Lee Moon Keen, a consultant neurologist from Sunway Medical Centre, shares ways to live with multiple sclerosis (MS):

1. Learn as much as possible

There are many myths and misconceptions about multiple sclerosis, which can make your diagnosis scarier than it should be.

2. Get a thorough neurological examination

It is not an easy disease to diagnose; it will take time and careful monitoring. Follow through with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), evoked potentials (EP), and spinal fluid analysis (spinal tap) to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

3. Understand that MS symptoms are unpredictable

No two people will have the same symptoms and you may undergo different ones from time to time. Some come and go, while others may be long-lasting.

4. Don’t delay treatment

The goal is to control the symptoms and improve your quality of life – treatment should start immediately after diagnosis. A number of FDA-approved medications have been shown to modify or slow down the disease’s progression, as well as lessen the frequency and severity of attacks.

5. Find the right doctor for you

As MS is a chronic disease, it’s crucial to be under the care of a specialist who is a good match for you. He or she would be working with your general practitioner (GP) to manage the acute phases of the illness, as well as follow up with long-term care.

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