“Is Drinking Coffee Good For Your Health?”

This one's dedicated to all you coffee lovers!

Every now and then a viral article pops up on your timeline, telling you how drinking a certain amount of coffee can be good for your health. And then you read another article warning you of how drinking too much of it can be dangerous. Ever wondered what’s the truth? Her World‘s editor, Eena Houzyama, invites a panel of experts to get to the bottom of this issue.

Hang Out at Dome Cafe with Her World presents to you our first episode. We share the facts about coffee and the myths that you should stop believing. Watch fitness guru, coach and nutritionist Kevin Zahri, a dietitian from Columbia Asia Hospital,¬†Nurullatifah Fauzan, and Jelita magazine’s editor, Anida Salwani, share their thoughts about all things coffee!

Catch the next episode of Hang Out at Dome with Her World this October 19th. Our topic will be “Why are women scared to go for check-ups?”¬†