6 Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep

No one likes being sleep deprived, Here's what you can do for a restful slumber!
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It’s no secret that when you sleep better, you feel better. However, sleep doesn’t always come easily. A sleep survey done in 2018 by AmLife found that the top cause of sleep problems amongst Malaysians are ‘stress, anxiety, and depression.

Not being able to fall asleep is frustrating and, ironically, causes more stress. We’ve sourced six recommended tips from the experts that may help you sleep better. But if the problem persists, make sure you reach out for medical help!

Establish a schedule


According to Dr Neil B. Kavey, don’t stress about needing to clock in a certain amount of hours. Set up a sleep schedule for the amount of time you’re currently getting (for example, if you’re currently getting four hours, set it for four hours). Then, every few nights, slowly increase the amount of time by 15 minutes.

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