“I was Drugged at a Bar”

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The nightmare begins

After a while, Cassie’s friend Marie* and I went somewhere quieter to chat as the music was getting too loud. We took our drinks and settled in a corner where there were only a couple of other people around us.

Maybe it was the drinks or the holiday mood that I was in, but Marie and I felt very relaxed and safe throughout the night. We talked about our past, how we came to know Cassie, and Marie’s decision to come back to L.A. after spending five years in China as an expat. Half an hour later, I started to feel a little dizzy.I thought I was feeling tipsy from all the alcohol I’d consumed, but that was impossible – I wasn’t a bad drinker and I had never passed out from drinking. Not even once! And the one time I got drunk was when I first started drinking, and even then I had downed at least 10 glasses. I was only on my second glass of margarita, so I didn’t understand how it could have gone to my head.

I told Marie about my situation and to my surprise, she mentioned that she was feeling a bit sick too. We made our way back to our friends and told them that we weren’t feeling well. I recall begging John to take me home, fast. He and a few other friends took me and Marie out for some fresh air, as they thought that the alcohol had been too strong for us. I was horrified to be in my condition and remembered asking everyone, “I don’t understand… what’s going on?”
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