“I Had An Affair With My Manager”

Joanne* was 23 when she got tangled in a secret love affair with Alex*, her manager. She reveals her whirlwind affair to Stephanie Yap.
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The affair happened back in 2009, when I just got back from completing my degree in Canada. While waiting for a job offer to arrive, I decided to work part-time in a cafe near my home to earn extra cash… and that’s how Alex and I met.

The story begins

One afternoon, as I was having lunch with friends at a cafe, I spotted a vacancy sign on the cashier counter – it was for a waitress position. That sparked my interest as I was looking for ways to kill time. I had spent the past couple of weeks lazing around at home, so I figured it was time for me to go out and do something. I gave it some thought before approaching the cashier about the vacancy and immediately, her face lit up. I told her I was still contemplating the idea, but she was enthusiastic, even telling me how laid-back the job would be and how everyone is treated like family. She certainly did a great job of convincing me to take up the offer. I was given her manager’s number and told to call him once I had made up my mind.

When I got home, I nervously dialled the number on the name card. “Hello, this is Alex speaking,” said a husky voice at the other end. I introduced myself, told him about the vacancy sign I saw, and finally asked if the position was still available. “Yes! The post is still available. Would you like to come in for an interview tomorrow?” That was quick, I remember thinking to myself at the time; I guess they desperately need more hands. I said yes and we agreed to meet in the afternoon.

The next afternoon, Kathy, the same cashier as before who would eventually become my close friend, ushered me to a corner table and instructed me to wait, as Alex was on his way. About a minute later, a tall Chinese guy approached me and introduced himself as Alex. I was awestruck. I somewhat expected him to be good-looking from the way he spoke on the phone, but I hadn’t assumed he would be so handsome. He looked like the kind of guy you would see on the pages of a magazine, and could pass for a hunky fashion model. I managed to snap out of my thoughts and greet him, but felt very awkward.

The interview was short and casual. He explained in detail about my job scope, how the cafe worked and the people I would be working with. Ten minutes later, he ended the interview with “So, are you ready to work tomorrow?” I agreed immediately.

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