“I had an affair with my best friend’s husband.”

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Chloe*, 31, confesses to us about her affair with her best friend’s husband.

Kimberly* and I have been best friends since we were young. Our parents used to joke that both of us were like a pair of twins because we did everything together, shared similar interests and almost seemed like we could not live without one another – until I had an affair with Philip*, her husband.

How it all started

I was 26 when I first met Philip. We worked in the same company. I was the newcomer and he was my senior, who taught and guided me through work and life. At 28, he was more mature than any of the guys I’ve known and dated. I guess that’s what drew me to him in the first place.

Working alongside Philip was exhilarating and challenging. He showed me what I was capable of and pushed me to be better. People in the office often teased us, telling us how good we look together as a couple. But I have a strict policy of not dating anyone I work with, and Philip knew about it and respected me for that. That’s why we never took our relationship to the next level, even though we were interested in each other.

I played ‘The Matchmaker’

During my 27th birthday, Kimberly and my friends threw a big surprise birthday party for me and they even invited my co-workers, including Philip. That’s when I introduced Philip to Kimberly. Kimberly had just got out of a relationship and Philip was the only eligible bachelor. I knew the both of them would hit it off and true enough, the next day at work, Philip asked me about Kimberly. Two weeks later, they became an item.

Kimberly would call me every night with details about how their date went and how the relationship was progressing. My conversations with Philip, on the other hand, had switched from long and deep discussions about life to Kimberly. For that entire month, I swear my life merely revolved around them.

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