“My Husband Made My Sister Pregnant”

When you are betrayed by your own sibling, what would you do? Find out what this reader decided to do

“I am pregnant with your child! How will you tell her?” I heard my sister crying and crying through the doorway from our living hall. “Do not worry, I will tell her as soon as I can. Because I want to be with you forever.” I heard my husband G* say, in a shaky voice.

On this fateful day I was in the kitchen. My vision became a blur as tears started rolling down my cheeks. I had to cover my mouth because I was scared they would hear me. How could they do this to me? What had happened?

I stood there, behind the refrigerator that blocked my body from their view, and I tried to make sense of their betrayal. How had I missed all the signs? I believed G when he encouraged me to take on more work assignments so we could save up quickly to have a child. I believed my sister when she complained that my husband was too strict with her. How stupid of me!

G and I started seeing each other when we were in college. After graduation, he worked as a teacher in a secondary school. But I love to travel, so I applied to become a cabin crew member. I enjoyed it, but because my working hours and schedule are irregular, G and I could not spend much time with each other. I felt so guilty about this that I seriously thought about tendering my resignation. I no longer wanted to pack and rush to the airport at the drop of a phone call – it was not fair to him.

But things changed when my parents unexpectedly passed away. My younger sister K*, who was about to begin her university studies, was devastated. So after the funeral, I decided to let her move into our marital flat. Initially, K resented G. They argued over most matters, from household chores to her curfew. She called him a nag; he insisted she follow our rules. But I was happy, because I felt this showed he cared about her welfare.

And to support my sister, G and I postponed having our first child. She wanted to get a part-time job to pay for the tuition fees but I felt she should concentrate on her studies. So I decided not to resign and continued flying.

It was tiring, but I was pleased when G became more attentive towards me. He would call me to ask where I was going, when I was boarding and when I would reach home. He told me to accept more assignments so that we could save more money to look after K better and build our nest egg. He also had a taxi-driver friend to fetch me to and from the airport for my flights. I enjoyed his love and affection.

One day, I received a text from the company: My schedule had been changed. I did not have to fly that night. I was secretly thrilled. G and I had been apart often lately… so I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to spend time together. My colleague gave me a lift so I did not have to take my regular taxi home. I knew I would reach home earlier than G – I would surprise him!

This was how I heard the conversation that broke my heart. In a flash, I realised it did not matter to me how or why their affair happened. I just wanted to escape from their selfish mess.

So I decided: All the hard-earned money I had saved would not go to my sister’s education. Neither would it go towards having a baby with G. I would spend that money on a divorce lawyer instead. And I intend to move on after this ordeal.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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