Huge Relief As All Are Rescued In Thai Cave Incident

David Beckham and other celebrities breathe a sigh of relief at successful Thai cave rescue mission

All 12 boys and their coach trapped in a cave in Thailand have been rescued and there is a huge collective relief around the world. This includes one from football megastar, David Beckham. His post on Instagram shows how happy he is to hear of the news. In his post, he describes everyone involved in the Thai cave incident as heroes. Touchingly, David also mentions former Thai Navy Seal officer Saman Kunan, who fatally collapsed while transporting oxygen tanks for the boys.

thai cave rescue

David Beckham’s message that he posted on his Instagram account

David’s message sent a positive throughout the social media universe. His post alone garnered more than 900,000 hearts and more than 8,000 comments. It also delighted many of his Thai fans, who must surely be touched he cared enough to highlight the rescue on Instagram.

Other Celebrities Showing Their Love

Other football stars and celebrities are also showing their love and sharing positive messages about the successful mission in the Thai cave rescue. This includes English player Frank Lampard, who is currently managing Derby County FC. He shares his message via video.

Actor Josh Brolin posts the same photo David used (which originates from an Australian media outlet), praising the honour and courage of all involved.

thai cave incident

Screenshot from Josh Brolin’s Instagram account

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, more celebrities share their relief over the rescue. Host of TV show The Voice, Carson Daly gives thanks to God and praises the rescue team.

thai cave incident

R&B singer John Legend retweets a post by sports channel Sports Center, citing relief that all the victims are safe.

Meanwhile, supermodel Tyra Banks chooses to highlight the sacrifice of the fallen Saman Kunan. Any Thai fan reading this will surely appreciate her kind thought.

And it seems that star of TV show Lucifer, Tom Ellis, has been following the Thai cave incident closely, and shows visible relief that all are safe. In his words, miracles do happen!

thai cave incident