How To Stay Healthy Every Day

Getting eight glasses of water a day is easy with Joven’s JP200 Water Purifier and JK Series Automatic Cordless Electric Kettle.
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To stay healthy everyday begins with carefully and consciously making the right decisions when it comes to buying kitchen helpers, especially those that ensure you’ve got clean water to drink – at least two litres a day will keep you hydrated and healthy.

The provider

Maintaining good health, however, is not just about quantity but also quality. Joven JP200 Water Purifier will provide you with pure and hygienic water at any time.



Good for the gut

Joven’s purifier removes 99.9 per cent of chlorine from tap water – essential in maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut and keeping your digestive system strong. What’s left are natural minerals that are beneficial to health.



In-line filtration technology

The patented In-Line Filtration Cartridge, with a triple layer non-woven fabric filter and Japan-grade powdered activated carbon, works to remove contaminants such as rust, turbidity, chlorine sediment, and odour. It’s best to replace the cartridge every six months to continue enjoying water of the best quality.







 Effortless handling

With the dual-function selector valve, it’s easy to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. So don’t worry: the purifier will not get in the way of your daily cooking and cleaning up.

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