How To Overcome Grief And Move On

The heartache will take time to heal, but do not give up hope on feeling okay again.

We asked Jessie Foo, a clinical psychologist from Sunway Medical Centre, for advice on dealing with grief. Here’s what she recommends doing:

1. Take good care of your body. Do something active every day, eat well, and rest well.

2. Stick to a familiar routine. It provides stability when your world seems chaotic.

3. Talk about your feelings of loss with your partner, family, and friends.

4. Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Pen letters or poems to your baby on how you feel and how much you miss him or her.

5. Make an album or memory box for keepsakes. Give yourself time to grieve and adjust.

6. Talk to your health care provider. Seek help in finding a counselor or psychologist trained in helping people cope with grief.

7. Remember, healing will take time. Little by little, the emptiness you feel in your heart will lessen and you will learn to live your life again – this means you are beginning to accept your loss, not forget it.

This article by Poon Li-Wei first appeared in Her World’s November 2016 issue.


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