Tips On How To Choose Durian Like A Pro

Do you know how to choose durians for the sweetest, thickest flesh? Read these tips to avoid disappointment.

If you love your durians, you know the disappointment when you open one but the flesh inside do not live up to expectations. You would also know how expensive pre-packed durian at the supermarket can be. Read these tips on how to choose durian from Facebook user Azlan Noor (which has been translated into English for readers), and never be disappointed again.

How To Choose Durian Like A Pro

If you want durians with flesh that are thick and sweet, with many cloves in one fruit, then follow these tips.

1. Has A Round Shape

Durians that are more round in shape tend to have more inside compared to durians that are more oval.

how to choose durians

See if your durian is round or is oval. Photo by Maggie Chai from

2. The Durian’s Weight

Surprisingly, the lighter the weight of the durian, the more flesh it has. Between two durians of the same size, choose the less heavy one.

3. The Stalk

Short and thick stalks signify thicker flesh. However, make sure that the stalk doesn’t seem too dry or that it has been cut. If the durian has no stalk, avoid buying it. Azlan recommends digging your nail into the stalk to check if it’s fresh or old.

how to choose durians

Size does matter when it comes to durian stalks. Photo by Mr Siraphol/Freepik

4. How It Sounds

Carefully knock the durian if you can and choose the one that sounds packed or dense when knocked.

5. The Thorns

Choose the durian with shorter thorns that are further apart for more densely packed flesh inside. (This makes it easier to open, too!)

6. The Smell

Sniff the fruit and get the one that smells sweet.

7. Its Star Points

Look at the top of the durian and you’ll see that the durian‘s thorns roughly line up in starfish shape. See how many points it branches out into. The most ideal number of star points is five for bigger flesh. The more points branch out, the smaller the flesh inside.

how to choose durians

The arrows indicate the star points of the durian. Photo from Freepik.

8. Its Skin

Choose the durian that hasn’t been cracked open. Then look at the condition of the skin. If there is a black spot, that means the flesh inside is bad.

how to choose durians

Choose a durian that hasn’t been cracked open. Photo by Spencer Wing/

9. Colour

Once you’ve chosen your durians, ask the seller to cut it open to taste the flesh and see the insides. If it’s bad, ask to change. Just because the outer skin is yellow, it doesn’t mean that the insides are yellow as well. Don’t be fooled.

10. The Season

It’s better to buy durians during the dry seasons rather than during rainy seasons. You want to avoid buying durians that have been spoiled by the storms.

Hopefully you find these tips useful and will never fall for a bad durian that would be chucked into the bin upon opening. According to Azlan, ever since he started using these tips, which he collected from good old Google, he has never bought a bad durian. For him, it’s worth spending a bit more on a good durian and enjoy the sweet flesh than to simply buy any durian but not being able to consume it. He has had it with being tricked by buyers and hopes that the tips he shares will be beneficial for readers.