“How swinging helped my marriage”

“We checked out ads posted on websites and went from there.”
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Partner-swapping is more mainstream than you think, yes even in Malaysia, and the couple you are about to meet swears it helped their marriage.

I brace myself as I walk up to the door of the upscale apartment block. Elaborate scenarios play through my head. Will I be greeted by a naked person? If so, I mentally note to stare at said person’s teeth to survive the interview. What if I’m initiated into a circle of hooded figures standing in a dark room surrounded by candles à la Eyes Wide Shut? Before I can plan a believable escape route, the door opens.

“Come on in, make yourself at home. Would you like some water?” says Joan*, who’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt as I step into her (thankfully) well-lit living room. “Or would you care for a drink? We have soft drinks and tea,” says her husband, Adam*, who looks like he’s just come home from the office in a smart shirt and trousers. They are unassumingly welcoming even though I’m about to grill them on their sex life and look socially obtuse as all of my idiotic presumptions go out the window.

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