These Hotels In Asia Are Rumoured To Be Haunted

Full disclosure: It gave us chills putting together this story. But hey, when it comes to the scary and supernatural, Asia has it pretty down pat. Just look at the horror movies we’ve got going on (or not).

These hotels have really built a reputation for themselves for scaring the sh*t out of poor unsuspecting guests. Whether you decide to test your bravery inside one of their rooms, or just don’t believe in ghosts, here are the most haunted hotels in Asia you may or may not want to check out on your next holiday.

Grand Hyatt, Taipei, Taiwan

Sure Grand Hyatt Taipai is known for being a premier luxury hotel in the Taiwan capital, but at the same time, the hotel also has a pretty dark history.

Rumour has it that it was built over a former World War II execution site as well as a cemetery, meaning the building tends to be haunted by the restless spirits of prisoners who were executed there.

Hotel guests have been said to see spirits wandering the hallways and heard strange noises from unoccupied rooms.

First World Hotel, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Located conveniently right beside the casino, First World Hotel has a bad reputation for being a great place to commit suicide after a bad bet leaves you high and dry.

Guests have reported sightings of apparitions lurking in the corridors, while others have claimed to have been disturbed at night by wails and cries for help.

First Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Strategically situated near the popular MBK Shopping Mall, a fire broke out in First Hotel Bangkok in 1988, during which 13 perished and 36 were injured.

About 400 people were in the nine-storey hotel when the fire broke out before dawn. Ever since the incident, there were numerous ghostly sightings at the hotel. It was said that the body of popular ’80s-era Singaporean singer, Shi Ni, was found charred beyond recognition in their night club.

Corus Paradise Hotel, Port Dickson, Malaysia

On their website, you’ll see four blocks available but apparently, only one is functional. Previous hotel guests have declared that the other blocks were abandoned and derelict with no lights and worn-out paint.

They’ve also complained about a pungent odour and weird water marks on the walls. Guess it’s not so much of a paradise anymore.

Raintr33 Hotel, Singapore

Raintr33 Hotel is located at the old commando barracks near the deserted Changi Hospital that was occupied by the Japanese army during World War II.

It was believed that they had utilised the area to torment and persecute POWs.

Eerie noises, whispers and screams were also often heard in the hallways.

Asia Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Asia Hotel in Bangkok is known as one of the most haunted hotels in Thailand. Many guests have reported encountering ghostly apparitions during their stay in the dimly lit and musty hotel – some included being touched while sleeping and hearing strange noises from the rooms.

Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

The former Diplomat Hotel sits on a hill with a panoramic view overlooking Baguio City. With its history dating back to 1911, when it was first constructed as a rest house and a seminary, Diplomat Hotel is considered as one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

During the World War II, nuns and priests were beheaded there, thus the reports of seeing headless ghostly figures at night.

In 2013, it was declared a historical site and can be rented for weddings and other events… if you dare.

Hotel MyStays Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan

Japan is known for their horror movies and guests of Hotel MyStays Akasaka might understand where local filmmakers get their inspiration from.

Building 1 is said to be the most haunted, due to the numerous suicides and sudden deaths that took place here. Guests claim to have woken up in the middle of the night, only to see pale apparitions and even feel icy hands stroking their hair and fondling them in their sleep.

Men have reported feeling female hands touching them, while women have said they felt rough hands holding them down.