5 Easy Decor Ideas For CNY You Can Do

To enhance auspiciousness, good fortune and prosperity to your home, here are ways you can incorporate the Rooster into your home .

Make your own art. Get your kids to paint their version of the rooster. The Studio at KL provides art jamming sessions for both kids and adults. For more details, head to www.thestudiokl.com

Hang unexpected ornaments. Birdcages, especially mini to medium sized versions make for great decorations. Here they are in red and hung on twisted lucky plants. Plus the combo of red on a green celadon vase is striking in its intent and simplicity. Another is to recycle wooden window frames and made into the focal point in a dining room. To make it more auspicious, the animal zodiacs of all the members of the family can be hung below the frame to add more fortune and good luck.

Create reunion table art. The reunion dinner table is pivotal to the Chinese New Year celebrations. Although traditionally round, rectangular table seatings of 8 can be very auspicious too when decked with lucky candles, jade pieces and blue and white china. Equally as important as the meaning of each dish served, each seat can be decked out with personalised settings for your dinner guests.

Fresh flowers are essential. Orchids are great as festive decoration as their lush petals and pretty blooms look pretty on any table setting and requires minimal maintenance.

Tassels are us. Nothing screams dress up more than tassels do. These simple ornaments can be hung on orchid plants or strung on the necks of chemist bottles. You can get basic ones at the Basket Shop in Chinatown. Click here for more details.

Happy decorating!

Tips and images courtesy of Renie Leng.