3 Tips To Insta-Ready Your Home For Raya

Dress up your crib for the festive season with minimal time and effort.

If you’ve not done much to decorate your house for Raya and you’re not panicking, take a deep breath. All is not lost.

A beautiful home doesn’t have to take too much time and effort. And with these tips from Ikea, you can get everything you need in one place!

On your dining table

Vibrant napkins and table runners will add a pop of colour to your celebration. Layering plates of different tones and sizes also adds a modern, restaurant-style flair. For dinners, ornate silverware is a no-brainer when it comes to infusing elegance.

To add rustic charm, if that’s your theme, use chopping boards as serving plates for kuih-muih. Alternatively, arrange them on Ikea’s three-tier FÖRÄDLA serving stand to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

The BJURSTA tables are extendable to accommodate more dishes and diners. Should you have room for more decor, add some FEJKA artificial plants and BLOMDOFT candles to beautify the table setting.

In your living room

Create a focal point, such as photo-ready centerpiece, using strong colours. You can also consider adding very defined shapes and lines.

In this photo, Ikea’s FLOTTEBO sofa-bed — which has a side table — forms the centre of the photo, with its strong colour and pleasant lines. It’s best positioned against a light-coloured wall.

Another way to add patterns is through soft furnishings like cushions and curtains. For example, NEDJA cushions create contrast when placed on a single-tone sofa or chair. They’ll also double-up as extra seating when placed on the floor.

On the floor

Mixing textures and materials is another way to instantly add dimension to your home’s decor. The latest trend is to introduce industrial and artisanal textures to a space. They work well when juxtaposed against softer elements such as naturally finished wood, rattan and even plants.

To begin, start with a strong base, such as Ikea’s TÅRBÄK rug. These flatwoven rugs feel great under the feet — and bring cohesion to groups of furniture such as couches, chairs and tables.