21 Pretty Ways To Organise Your Essential Oils

Look through our gallery to find some ideas on how to organise and display that growing essential oil collection of yours


More and more women are beginning to take note of the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy these days, collecting every scent and oil that might help with any physical discomfort we might ever experience.

But how do you store these little bottles of joy so that they are within reach, well-organised and even look pretty at the same time? We present 21 ideas we spotted on the Internet and social media that help organise your oils while displayed in a pretty manner.

Dedicated cabinet just for your essential oils and related products.

Photo: @the_yleo_mama

Store in a see-through jewellery box and stand it on its side.

Photo: @oillivingessentials

Design and build an “oily closet.” Yeah, we wish, too. But it can’t hurt to dream!

Photo: @caseyleighessentials

Get that old world apothecary look with vintage or antique wooden containers, such as this old letter tray from a printing press, stood on its side.

Photo: @oil_pixie

Arrange and display in these beautiful marble holders from Shades Of Stone.

Or in a wooden essential oil holder, like this one from GroveWood & Co.

Create a spa ambience in the bathroom by placing your oils with the fresh towels and cooling plants.

Photo: @up.da.mystic

Display in a rustic boho setting with a wooden shelf, vintage roller holders, incense sticks, ornate perfume bottle, dried flowers and rosary necklace. Very bohemian chic!

Photo: @woodandoils

In a shelf in a corner of the kitchen counter.

Photo: @ezra928

This dinosaur-shaped wooden holder from Timber Sprout Toys is perfect for the kids’ oils.

Arrange them neatly in a drawer on oil storage racks that allow the bottles to lie at an incline. Storage racks here are from Simply Shelf.

Another idea for the kids’ room: Arrange in a cute shelf and decorate with similar color toys and décor.

Photo: @happyoilingrachel

Arrange in a decorative vignette and add some character to your home décor.

Photo: @oilypod

  1. Such a sweet essential oil corner created by @yleobundayuyu

Make it part of your gallery wall. The colourful labels really perk up a space.

Photo: @thelavendersociety

Display your relaxing oils in a rustic shelf next to your bed to create that restful sleep space.

Photo: @happyjoyoiler

  1. This lucky lady had a couple of shelves built by her husband for her. Note how she spaces her oils apart on the shelves. The bottles don’t need to feel up the space to look good.


Photo: @moms.miracle.oils <link: https://www.instagram.com/moms.miracle.oils/ >

As seen here, your oils don’t have to be the centrepiece decoration. You can also incorporate them subtly into a decorative arrangement.

Photo: @themodernessential

You can also add decorative elements that match your essential oils display, as seen in this teen’s room here.

Photo: @intentionalhome

Store in a vintage or antique metal box and pair with a matching decorative element for a pretty coffee table top look.

Photo: @novatree

This oiler even saves her empty bottles and displays them colour-coordinated in a giant shelving system on her wall.

Photo: @afzanaini