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Get to know the strong local female acts performing at Good Vibes 2018
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Bil Musa

Bil Musa, short for Nabilah Musa grew up in an environment that is heavily involved in music (her grandmother was a music teacher, her mother too played the piano and so did all the girls in her family) so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she got signed under the Yuna Room Records after being discovered while performing at a wedding.

Picture by: Hydar Mazlan

Picture by: Hydar Mazlan

1. What has the journey been like being signed with Yuna Room Records?

It’s been almost four years since I was signed under the label and it’s  been very exciting actually because I’ve met a lot of people during my time in Yuna Room Records. We travel together and it’s been quite an experience.

2. Which comes first, the lyrics or the melody?

Neither. The first step for me is to have a very strong feeling towards just about anything – angry, sad, in love. Only then, will I write or think of a song title that’s easy to remember. And from there I’ll elaborate based on personal experiences or stories I’ve heard from others. After that, I’ll pick an instrument and write, those two can be switched up though. Either I write a melody first then come up with the lyrics along the way or I write the lyrics and find the melody after.

 3. How would you describe your music and what’s unique about it?

I think my music is definitely chill, even the more upbeat ones are quite chill. It’s not something that you would listen to if you want to get pumped, it’s more mellow and chill. But I think what is unique about my music is that the lyrics are really honest. I don’t write lyrics because I feel it would appeal to anybody, I stick to my own story. If it’s a song about a friend who went through something, I really stick to the story. I don’t care if anybody is gonna say that the lyrics aren’t catchy, or the hook isn’t strong enough. I think the unique point is that my lyrics are really honest.

4. What’s your favourite song from your album and why?

I really like ‘4AM’. The reason is because the way I wrote it was very different and it sort of paved the way to how I write other songs now. It all started when my friend called me up and wanted to confide in me about something that he went through. While he was talking, I actually took a piece of paper and started writing down what he was saying. I was just doodling but then I realised that I was writing down all his feelings on a piece of paper. Immediately after we hung up, I put the words together and made the lyrics. Next thing I know, I was playing the song with my guitar. And if you notice, the lyrics are more abstract compared to my other songs because I talk from the perspective of a boy which is why I say ‘her’ in the song instead of ‘him’.

5. What do you think about the current music scene in Malaysia and how can we better it?

I think the mainstream scene is doing really well because well, it’s mainstream. I think my concern is for the underground scene, where I find that now recently there has been a lot of talented acts coming out. They’re really good, they just don’t have the platform to put themselves out there. I’m not an expert but I think the audience can help. It’s all about the supply and demand, if you have the demand and an audience that pay attention to these people, they might have a higher chance to be exposed.

6. What can audiences expect from you at the Good Vibes 2018?

Songs from my new album and to have loads of fun!

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