Genius Ikea Storage Ideas At A Steal

Going for low prices, you'll want to check out all of these Ikea storage ideas

The much-anticipated Ikea sale is coming soon, but they already have a slew of great storage products at a low price, anyway. Some are great as is, while some look even better with a little makeover. Check out these genius Ikea storage ideas using low-priced items from the store. You’ll look at Ikea products differently from now on.


The Lixhult cabinet from Ikea used as a sideboard

Eket Cabinet, RM132 (Normal price: RM188.60)

Mounted on the wall at the appropriate height, this Eket cabinet provides a shelf top on which you can display decor items.

Lixhult Cabinet, RM113.20

Ikea Storage Ideas Lixhult Cabinet

Here’s a great alternative use for a cabinet. As the Lixhult cabinet is low enough, it makes a great coffee table if you’re going for a minimalist or industrial look. The design is streamlined yet doesn’t sacrifice on storage.

Fjalla Desk Organiser, RM26.30

This desk organiser may seem small and simple, but who can deny how useful it is for keeping away desktop clutter? Get one to keep your office knick knacks where they’ll be easy to find. Available in different colours.

Bosnas Footstool With Storage, RM65.90

Ikea Storage Ideas - Footstool

It’s a foot rest, it’s a stool, it’s a mini ottoman with storage. Great as seating for the little ones or when you have guests. The built-in storage comes in handy for storing away those little toy bricks you often step on. As far as Ikea storage ideas go, this is one of the best for its low price and usefulness.

Ekby Laiva/Ekby Stodis Shelf & Brackets Combination, RM12.90

Ikea Storage Ideas


If you need extra shelving but have no extra floor space, go vertical. Add as many of these shelves as needed above your desk for storage space.

Hyllis Shelving Unit, RM47

This super-cheap Hyllis shelf has been spray-painted a luxe gold hue and lends an elegant feel to shelving. This makeover was done by designer Faith Towers, whose tutorial you can see on Curbly.

Komplement Drawer Insert, RM23.50

You need organization inside your drawers, too. You need one, or a few, of these Komplement drawer inserts. ‘Nuff said.

Fladis Seagrass Basket, RM37.60

When you need good-looking storage for your everyday items, these seagrass baskets do the trick. They have been a staple in most professional interior decoration setups, but are usually quite pricey. These Ikea ones are the cheapest we have found so far. Want to personalize it for your home or inject some updated modern element? Paint the bottom half of the basket in a contrasting color, as seen at Cox & Cox UK.

Dipped Seagrass Basket from Cox & Cox, £20 each

Godmorgon Cabinet With One Door, RM140.50 (Normal Price: RM250)

Another updated piece, this time using the Godmorgon cabinet. Find out how to get this look at the Domino website.

Fjallbo Shelving Unit, RM329.20

This shelving unit may seem a bit pricier than the others, but it’s still a steal when you consider how costly these industrial-look pieces usually go for. And this lower-priced Ikea version has definitely got the look down pat, with just the right balance of wood and steel.

For more Ikea storage ideas, do look out for great bargains on offer at the store, and peruse the Internet for genius ideas on how to hack and helm for that perfect look you’re going for.