Fitness Motivation From Our Local Instagram Influencers

We turned to social media to get some post-Raya inspiration

Sometimes, social media is just the best source of life advice. Of course, be sure to get the right kind of advice from credible people. Well, one of the best advice you can get from Instagrammers is possibly on fitness and health, especially if they are walking testaments of their own inspirational quotes. Check out these fitness motivation from a few of our local celebrities and be inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Nana Al-Haleq, Celebrity Fitness Expert

“It is common to drift away and fall out from your routine especially from exercising regularly. But when you have a day or two where you are able to slot in the time to sweat it out, make sure you give your 100% and not waste the effort. It’s ok to fall out from your routine once in a while and it’s common as we have other commitments as well.

The key is to always try your best and push hard whenever you have the time and most importantly, to watch what you eat. It doesn’t mean that when you are unable to exercise, you can indulge on all the naughty food. Food plays big role in maintaining your physique and help you continuously stay on track. .

Remember lovelies, it is 100% food and diet and 100% training. If you can’t get and give 100% on training, at least try your best to control and watch you eat so the body can tune in easily.”

Linora Low, Radio Announcer and Fitness Enthusiast

“When on holiday or travelling, resistance bands are always my best friend. Did a full workout by the pool and you can adjust how hard you want them to be. No excuses!”

Sarah Lian, Actress and TV Personality

“Here’s to falling down seven, getting up eight. Here’s to climbing mountains and feeling every ache in your body. Here’s to the bruises that will teach you about your mistakes. Here’s to life and adventures that continue to question what it means to achieve happiness.”

Liv Lo, TV Host and Fitness Trainer at 

“The most popular question I am asked is “Where do I get my motivation for fitness”? My reply is 100 percent and only ME! Truth is, we can buy books, videos, memberships, clothes and never use them. We can have friends, relatives, partners who work out, and never work out ourselves. If you want it, ONLY YOU can get it! I started the tag #FITSPHERE500 to demonstrate that it doesn’t take time, equipment, or a lot of knowledge to get moving. All it takes is a little spark to find motivation. So, I am extending CORE x 100 as this weeks theme. To drop down, film or photograph your sit ups as a challenge to stop making excuses to yourself and others. All you need is you!”

Davina Goh, Plant-Based Diet Advocate and Fitness Personality

“You know those ads for fitness apps, showing how calm and agile and beautiful people look while working out, like majestic wild horses galloping through river crossings at the crack of dawn?

LIES. Working out is ugly stuff. Especially when you’re targeting weak areas, like me and my glutes… and when you suddenly get the most random cramp in your back.”

Sharifah Sakinah, Actress and Fitness Ambassador

“People keep asking me why I keep on exercising and eating right. Well, it’s not about losing weight, it’s about discipline and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I want to have a splendid 40s, teriffic 50s, badass 60s and it all has to start from my 20s.”

Anuja Ananthan, TV Host and Yoga Guru

“Sometimes finding motivation is not easy and is a struggle. Sometimes your form, like my form here is not 100 percent. Once upon a time I could not even lift my legs up! The importance is in trying. Little by little, keep trying, never give up. Stay the course!

Remember, celebrate your successes no matter how big or small!”

There you have it: advice from the experts. We hope these little snippets of motivation from our local fitness queens will inspire you to get fit and never give up!