Fasha Sandha Shares On Her New Chapter In Life

The actress shares tips on balancing work and family after her wedding.

Congratulations to award-winning Malaysian actress Fasha Sandha on her recent marriage to actor Aidil Aziz. The wedding took place on 30th March 2019 at Fasha’s hometown in Kangar, Perlis. The bride looked resplendent at both the solemnisation ceremony as well as the reception. At both events, Fasha wore dresses created for her by designer duo Rizman Ruzaini. The groom’s attire were also by the same designer.

Prior to the big day, Fasha was already teasing her fans with photos taken with the Huawei P30 phone. The campaign featured shots of her wedding dresses, prompting her followers to speculate that hers could be the “Wedding of the Year”. However, the event turned out to be rather hush hush attended by only family and close friends. Nonetheless, it was probably one of the most celebrated of the year thus far, with fans and followers wishing Fasha and Aidil the very best.

Fasha Sandha’s Post-Wedding Glow

Looking radiant and genuinely happy after her wedding, Fasha attributes looking as young as her husband, who is 4 years younger than her, to her habit of consuming Brand’s InnerShine Prune Essence and Berry Essence daily. “I never get anyone coming up to me and commenting that it’s obvious that my husband is younger than I am!” Fasha quipped jokingly during a press event to announce Fasha as the new brand ambassador for Brand’s Suntory’s InnerShine series, just a week after her wedding. fasha sandha wedding

An advocate of eating right to achieve beauty the natural way, says Fasha, “I do believe we are what we eat. However… the challenges of a modern hectic lifestyle can make this (eating right) difficult to achieve at a sufficient level.”

This is Fasha’s second marriage after three years of remaining single following her split from first husband, Rizal Ashram Ramli. Fasha has two children with Rizal, Putra Rayfal, 6 years old, and Putri Raysha Jemyma, 5.

So how does Fasha feel, being a newlywed for the second time? “Praise be to God, that now I am a wife again,” she says, in answering interview questions during the event. She also mentions that she has gotten back into the routine of being a wife, including helping to iron clothes for her husband and cooking for one, and that she is totally enjoying the moment.

Balancing Family and Career

To balance family and her career, Fasha told HerInspirasi that the key lies in communication and discussion within the family. For Fasha, without proper discussion, it would be difficult to focus on work, anyway.

“Personally, I will always prioritise my family in each way possible because to me, family is everything,” says Fasha.”Without my family, I wouldn’t be able to focus on my work.”

Currently handling her duties as the new brand ambassador for Brand’s Suntory’s InnerShine series, Fasha says that she is at the moment still going through scripts for upcoming movies and projects. “My main focus right now is enjoying time with my husband and family,” she says.

Main photo and final photo from Fasha Sandha’s Instagram account.