Easy Ways To Cure A Migraine

Find out how you can help alleviate your migraine naturally!

Do you suffer from migraines during the day, or even wake up with them? The pounding. The tension. The pain.

If you’re among the 27 million women who start most days with a headache, we have great news.

Experts have pinpointed several truly effective strategies for keeping them away. Try these tips to ensure a headache-free day:

Photo by: Pixabay

Photo by: Pixabay

1. Have a protein snack just before bed

Preventing morning dips in blood sugar by nibbling a filling, high-protein snack at bedtime can cut your risk of morning headaches in half within one week, recent studies show.

2. Buy a better pillow so you stop snoring

As many as eight in 10 people who snore wake up with a bad headache

3. Sip on lemongrass

Drinking two 300 mil mugs of this aromatic, citrusy herbal brew can lower your risk for headaches. It’s all thanks to our mate eugenol, which shuts of pain the same way that small, steady doses of aspirin do.

4. Use plant to block out the pain

Decorating your home with potted plants – or stepping outside to gaze at some natural greenery for 10 mins a day could cut the frequency of your morning headaches by 32 per cent.

5. Get around the vitamin D

Multiple recent studies say by replenishing your vitamin D, you can slash your morning migraines by 80 per cent and reduce morning tension headache flare-ups by about 42 per cent.

6. Have chamomile before bed

To invite deep sleep, sip calming chamomile to relax your central nervous system and increase your nighttime production of endorphins, which lowers your risk for morning headaches by 50 per cent.


This article was first published by The Singapore Women’s Weekly.