4 Tips To Getting Noticed And Promoted At Work

Climb up the career ladder with these strategies that will make you a better leader.
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2. Build strong and diverse support networks

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Most of us realise that networking is essential for long-term career progression. There are at least 3 different networks that can play an important role in supporting  the leadership journey — operational, strategic and personal. Operational networks help with day-to-day tasks; strategic networks help open new doors; and personal networks boost personal as well as professional development.

Often, strategic networking is underutilised. A strategic support network is made of those mentors and sponsors who will help envision the future, support initiatives, and get additional resources necessary for career growth. Male domination in senior ranks, the tendency to socialise with ‘likes’, and concerns about being labelled makes it even more challenging for women to network strategically.

Building support systems requires conscious effort! Identify the area you want to focus on, find the right people that could support you, and then find time in your schedule to build meaningful relations. Begin with finding a platform or activity of common interest and just show up.

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