Dress Code Issue Comes Up Again: Assemblywoman Reprimanded

The Bukit Lanjan state assemblywoman is furious over a dress code ruling.

Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong was shocked when she was reprimanded by speaker Ng Suee Lim, for wearing something “colourful” at the Selangor State assembly yesterday. Clad in a white jacket over a midi, dusty green dress, Wong thought that she was compliant with the Selangor State assembly’s dress code, which required women to be in a neat attire with a blazer, while men, in a dark lounge suit.

According to a Malay Mail report, Ng was quoted as saying,”I’ve issued this warning before to both men and women when it comes to dress code. Both men and women must wear black jackets. Don’t wear something colourful like the honourable Bukit Lanjan (assemblyman) today. It must be black. If not, I will take action. But I’m issuing my warning”.

(Photo credit: The Star) Elizabeth Wong was wearing a white jacket over a dusty green dress.

Wong claimed that the black jacket for women code was made just before they adjourned for lunch.

“I told the Speaker that his notice did not specify any colour limitations for women, and in the past, house rules had never specified such things, and he replied by saying that he had just made the decision.

“The black blazer rule for women was made up on the spot at 1pm, before we adjourned for lunch, leaving me with no room to question or debate the ruling.

“It’s ridiculous. Even the parliament doesn’t police the colour of the female MPs jackets,” said Wong, adding that she had worn white jackets before at previous seatings without problem.

In 2016.

In 2018.

Meanwhile, Ng had later said that the directive to Wong was not personal, nor was it sexist, as he only wanted to bring order and discipline to the House. In a past seating, he had also reprimanded a male assemblyman for wearing a dusty pink baju Melayu, and had advised him to come dressed in a lounge suit.


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